International PHD Workshop with Saskia Sassen : Denationalisation and Territory

Professor Saskia Sassen will take part in a half-a-day international doctoral workshop, which will be the concluding act of a two-day seminar on “Denationalisation and Territory”. This doctoral seminar aims at providing a dynamic and informal space for Ph.D students who work on issues related to globalisation to present their work, receive inputs from discussants and participants and have a chance to exchange ideas with one of the major sociologists in the field. The participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their research questions, receive informed opinions and meet academics working in different regional context on comparable issues.

The seminar will be organized as follows. The first day will start with a theoretical discussion on the topics of the seminar. Two sections will follow in which participants will be invited to present their work. The second day will start by another presentation session by participants and will be closed by a discussion on questions and issues raised throughout the three presentation sessions with Professor Sassen. This will give Phd students the chance not only to discuss Saskia Sassen's latest work, but also to exchange with her on issues inherent to the participants' own research.

deadline for submission and
registration: 15th of february 2014.

Please feel free to forward it to anyone who might be interested.